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First we get to know you and your business. Then together we design a plan that will take you step by step to your big picture goals. Think of each media channel such as Google or Facebook as a building block. Based on your budget, short and long term goals, we choose the media channels that set your foundation and then get to work adding to those blocks as your business grows.

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We have been working with 20Eight for a couple of years now. After trying a number of other companies who made big promises, we are finally working with a company that delivers results. Our digital marketing is better than ever, Mark and Louise are responsive and proactive, and we know that they understand our business and how to market it.

Laurie Tucker | Managing Partner

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Video Content in Digital Marketing Strategies

In the sizable expanse of the digital realm, video content has climbed as a dominant force, attracting audiences worldwide. This dynamic medium has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers on digital platforms, showcasing an … [Read more...]